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How to renew the interior of your apartment without spending a lot of money or time

To renovate the interior of your house is not necessary to make major renovations, because thanks to the help of simple tricks available, everyone can recreate a boring interior remarkably.

We propose you to try these 10 designer tricks with the help of which you can renew any room spending only 60 minutes on it.

Hang lights to relive the atmosphere

This accessory for a long time has become something more than a simple object for decorating the Christmas tree. You can place the lights on the wall, light up your mirror or put them on a glass plate and you’ll get an extraordinary lamp.


It is better to choose plants that like the shade to place in the most unexpected places, for example, in the corner between a wall and the furniture.

Pillowcase made from an old sweatshirt

In general, the idea of renewing a textile is the perfect variant to introduce something new inside. And to do it faster and without spending a lot of money, give a second life to a sweatshirt that has gone out of style. It will not be complicated to create a pillowcase even if you do not have a sewing machine.

Renew an old lamp

This is another method to add to the interior of your apartment an element of living nature: decorating something with branches of a tree. For example, you can quickly renovate an old lamp, if around it together some branches and tie them with a cord.

Add a striking element

For a boring interior to have new colors, it is not mandatory to change everything. It is enough to emphasize only something striking. For example, you can paint an object with a contrast color: the door, the kitchen, the back of the showcase.

Put together all the photographs, pictures and posters on a single wall

To make the appearance of a more spectacular bedroom, you have to select the frames in a style or with a range of colors. And its format, on the contrary, must be different. The more variants there are, the better.

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Hang several mirrors in the bathroom

If you have several old mirrors at home, do not hurry to throw them away. Try replacing the simple mirror in the bathroom with a set of several mirrors of different shapes and sizes.

Make ornaments with the help of a colored ribbon

This trick can renew any domestic object, a piece of furniture and even the walls. You can paste a multitude of repetitive figures, write

Use moldings in the design of the walls

If you stop seeing this element exclusively from a practical point of view, it will be evident that the moldings are a tool to make the bravest ideas of the designers come true. With its help it is possible, for example, to decorate walls, to decorate cornices for windows. One of the most famous tricks is to create frames.

Combine the impossible and experiment

The eclectic is still fashionable, and this means that, in the decoration of your room, you can bravely combine what at first sight should not be close. For example, you can hang on the walls bold compositions of various household items.

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